i'm back!

it's been a long time, guys how are you?
a quite long hiatus right?
well, tbh i have my first semester final test...
but it will end tomorrow... i hope from tomorrow i can keep update my site ^^

here i am

finally back after a loooooooong hiatus!!
how you guys been?
in this past 3 months, i have so maaaany things to do...
first mid term in college and a lot of assignment and final project are waiting me...
really confused for what i gonna do for finished of this project somehow makes me frustrated....
just one thing that make me really excited...
it's CHRISTMAS!! yeaaaayyy christmas is coming soon <3
hope i can be more update here....
see you ^^

{profile} JJ Project's 임재범 (JB)

whuuuuuttttt!! i come here again... and guess what who i want to introduce to you guys?
yeaaaaapppp the hint is he was casted for Dream High 2 drama, and debuted as duo under JYP Entertaiment...
he is no one other than JB (Im Jaebum).... yess his debut as an actor was began when he was casted for Dream High 2 drama.. after that, with JR, he debuted as JJ Project... his first debut stage was May 24th, 2012 with single titled "BOUNCE"..... i fall in love with JJ Project as soon as i saw their first debut stage {yeaaah i didn't watched dream high 2 *sobs*} and of course my bias is JB <3 who cannot fall in love with his killer smile??

JB Official Profile

stage name: JB
real name: 
임재범 (Im Jaebum)
birthday: January 06, 1994
Height/Weight: 179/63
School: Sewon Highschool graduate 
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Bus travel, collecting shoes, Taking pictures
Skill: Dance
Nickname: Jaebongi
Ideal type: Cute girl
Religion: Christian
Favorite (liked) food: Ramyeon
Favorite (liked) musician: Michael jackson, India Arie, Javier
Favorite (liked) dancer/s: Keone Madrid, Daniel Cloud Campos
Favorite (liked) actor/s: Ha Jeong-oo, Ryu Seung-beom
Career: JYP’s trainee won first place in auditions and KBS Drama Dream High as JB

{fan-journal} MAMA 2012 in Hongkong

hi i'm back with my second fanjournal...
hiatus for about 1 months.. yeaaah i have a lot to do, especially at my campus.. assignment and exams are killing me...
but now the exam is finally over yeaaaayyyy ^^ woooooww i'm so happy about this and probably i can active again to update this lj ^^

okay so.... let's begin~
you guys know that MAMA 2012 will held in Hongkong this November...
and Mnet already announced the nominee and we are welcomed to vote our favorite groups and singers...
and i'm sure that you guys must be voted for them everyday so they can win the award right? or maybe, you created two accounts so you can voted twice everyday (since i did the same.. created two accounts loll)  yeaaap that's what fangirling about.. especially kpop...
so which groups and soloist that you loved to be the winner? TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, EXO, IU, etc....
vote for them!!

but if your idols didn't get the award, don't be mad and don't be sad... and say no to fanwar...
win or lose is a common thing, especially at this kind of award....
be fair..... 

how to make an icon or banners??

*sobs* i want to learn photoshop once again...
i was learnt about photoshoping when i was in junior high school and it was about... 3-4 years ago?? yeah about 4 years ago and i totally forgot how to edit some photos with photoshop!!!!! hurrrrrr.......

i need to learn again and i have to!!!

{fan-journal} stephanie the grace is back with a new "GAME"

{n.b: this is my original fan-journal. comments are love}

"the queen is back with a new game"

after hiatus for about 5 years, stephanie kim {kim bokyung} from csjh the grace is officially back to kpop industry. stephanie, is known as the youngest member of SM Entertaiment's quartet group Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace/Tenjochiki/TSZX
Stehanie debuted with her group, Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace at 2005 with single "Too Good" and gained popularity both in korea and japan. their fans are called as Shapley....

she had an injury back in 2009, when stephanie and csjh's members were practicing for csjh's first japanese tour called "Dear"... because of that, she cannot joined in the concert and the concert keep going with only 3 members.
after recovering from her injury, she decided to continue her ballet school in LA..

after a long time break, stephanie is back with her first solo album, "The New Beginning" with the title track "GAME"..
fans are waiting for a long time.. and now she's back..
steph is called as "cheonsangjihee's dancing queen" by fans. the MV is so beautiful and attractive.. fans can see how she back with a stronger image and a new looking.. Shapleys are hoping with Stephanie's comeback, there will a possiblity for cheonsangjihee to back as 4 members and fans are looking forward for stephanie's comeback stage..

check out her new music video, GAME at youtube. her solo album also available at i-Tunes....

welcome back our dancing queen, Stephanie Kim..

sorry for my lack engrishu ;~~;

{note} dear my friends!!!

i want to know you more guys, so we need to introduce ourself right??
so here is the form:

fandom {jpop and kpop}:

introduce yourself just by comment at this entry..........
i'm waiting for your introduction ^^

{lyrics} nyc - Tic Tac 僕らのハーモニー~

this is my favorite track from NYC's Hanai single and the lyrics credit to nodoka06 ^^

Tic Tac 僕らのハーモニー~
「Tic Tac Bokura no Harmony」

I’m inlove with you
I’m inlove with you
I’m waiting for you

Tic Tac hayaru kimochi osaete
Joujou ni kimi no koto e mukatte
hari wa tada sekaku ni toki wo kizami
kimi wo omoeba shizen to sukudou wo ageteku

Tic Tac Tic Tac 
Nee kimi mo ima boku to onaji kimochi de
aeta nara terenaide「aishiteru」 tte sae you
Nee kaisetsu no mae de boku ni te wo futta
urushikute kakeyotte omoikkiri gyutto daita

I'm in love with you
I'm in love with you
I'm waiting for you

Tic Tac machi wa oto wo wasurete
Futari dake no ashioto kibiite 
sore wa tada fukisoku ni naritsuzukete
tato wo yosereba shizen to
bokura no HAAMONII

Tic Tac Tic Tac
Saa kimi  to te wo tsunagi ie made haikou
kono mune no dokidoki wa
itsumademo nari yamanai
kimi to egaiteku shiawase na hibi
atatakaku yuruyaka na
MERODII ni koe wo awase

koko de tachi tomarazu fuitairazu
itsuka wa toki ga kite...

machi wa Tic Tac to toki wo kizande
kono omoi eien ni kimi to koko de ...

saa kimi to udokunde eki made haikou
kono mune no tokimeki wa
itsumademo wasurenai yo
kimi to egaiteku shiawase na hibi
atatakaku yuruyaka na
MERODII ni ita wo nosete

kimi mo mata boku to onaji kimochi de
aeta nara terenaide「aishiteru」 tte tsutaeyou

I'm inlove with you
I'm inlove with you
I'm waiting for you ...

hey!say!jump {since 2007}

now, please excuse me to fangirling over hey!say!jump, and share my experience about hey!say!jump...
let's start from since when i fall in love with hey!say!jump....
it was 5 years ago... 2007, i never expected that hey!say!jump is my first boyband that i like {it's jpop, not kpop... but not different}
i was visiting my cousins at her kost {it's like dormitory for college students} near her college...
she was watching some jpop music videos, and one of them was hey!say!jump...
my cousin taking japanese literature back then... she was a huge fans of w-inds, one of jpop group..
i was asked my cousins, "who's that boys?"
and she answered, "ahh it's hey!say!jump... jhonny's new artist"
yeaaaahh at that time, i totally fall in love with 10 of them!!
ultra music power was my first hey!say!jump's song and it was awesome!!!
yamada ryosuke, okamoto keito, morimoto ryutarou, nakajima yuto, chinen yuuri, yaotome hikaru, kouta yabu, inoo kei, takaki yuuya... this 10 boys stole my heart at that time....
young but talented...
{seems like i really love them right? kkkk~}
it's already 5 years since i was know hey!say!jump and i'm so grateful becoming their fans.....
even now i have 2 more fandom {cassiopeia and shapley} and that 2 fandom are my main fandom now, but hey!say!jump still my first idol ever....

thanks hey!say!jump, for made my day <3

the beginning

some people said that kpop is weird, kpop is gay, and kpop is bunch of shit and bunch of pretty man...
i don't care about what people said about this...
yessh i have to admit that i like everything related to korea.. i like it since i was 8 years old...
there isn't weird about kpop... if you like it, then let it be.. if you don't like it, please don't bash kpop...
it's just easy like that...
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